The Marconi Society Machine Learning Laboratory

The Marconi Society Machine Learning Laboratory is a research initiative at netLabs!UG, Makerere University that focuses on machine learning research in diverse areas including Agriculture, Health and Natural Language Processing.

We are located at the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology in Makerere University.

We are grateful for funding and support from Marconi Society, Makerere University, netLabs!UG,AI for Social Good Workshop, Google and Alpha Intelligence.


02. July 2021

The Marconi Society ML Lab receives support from Googles' AI for Social good program Read more here

11. Jun 2021

Learn how to create open and locally relevant AI training datasets for African languages, geospatial data, or image data in this open and free course on
Created by the Marconi Lab and AI Research Lab at Makerere University, Uganda
With support from the GIZ project "FAIR Forward - Artificial Intelligence for all" and the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).
Artificial Intelligence for All Series

  1. Open AI Training Data for African Languages
  2. Open AI Training Data for Earth Observation
  3. Open AI Training Data for Earth Observation
  4. How to prepare open training data and share it for re-use by others following international standards
  5. How to eliminate or mitigate biases in Artificial Intelligence training data
  6. How to Create and Sustain Open AI Image Training Data


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